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    Our website serves several purposes:

    • It tells you about us if you would like to join us

    • It gives more general information about us

    • It tells you about our concerts upcoming and past

    • At the appropriate times, tickets will be on sale for on-line purchase
    • It has information to help our choir members 
    • It has photographs of the choir

    ​We hope you'll find what you want in it somewhere. If not, please contact us to ask.

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    Our polls are just for fun. Nothing is recorded other than the number of people who have made each choice. They will make no difference to the running of the choir!


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  • Choir Notices

    Start of Spring Term

    Choir practices for our Spring Term start on Monday 14 January 7.00 fo 7.30pm in Richmond Methodist Church. If you are paying subs for the term please bring £50 as cash or cheque to 'Richmondshire Choral Society'.

    If you are not currently a choir member, you are very welcome to come and join us. See here for more information.

    Music - will be available to hire for £3 if you have not got your own copy.

    Our Next Event

    We are holding a Come & Sing Day on Saturday 16 February in Richmond Methodist Church. Admission £5 to include music hire and drinks at refreshment times.

    We will start rehearsing Elgar's The Spirit of England at 10.30am and give an informal performance at about 3.45pm. Any friends or family who would like to come and hear us are welcome. It is free but our famous donations buckets will be out, as usual.

    Other Choirs - are you looking for something different for Christmas?

    See details of a lovely cantata by one of our members. It is called Jubilate Natale and we sang it at our Christmas 2017 concert, for which it earned a standing ovation. It is quite challenging in places and needs good soprano and baritone soloists.



    We've got a new way to help raise funds for the choir and its costs you nothing. If you are shopping online - especially as we now prepare for Christmas - go first to our EasyFundraiser page and link to your chosen store from there. That will earn the choir a small percentage of what you spend. You'll need to sign up for an account with EasyFundraiser but it costs nothing and they assure us there are no ads to annoy you. You can sign up for a reminder to go to the EasyFundraiser site when you go online for shopping. We'd apreciate any comments from you about how it works for you. If you like it please encourage your friends and family to raise money for us too.

    Thinking of Joining us?

    If you want to sing with us, come and join us. Read more about joining the choir, and come to our rehearsals next term which will start on 14 January. Please arrive from 7.00pm to be ready to sing by 7.30pm. On the first night there is registration, subs payment and music collection to deal with, so allow time for them. (Existing members can save time by paying subs online and having registration forms completed)

    Details of music will be in the Choir Members section of the website. 

    Thanks to Richmond Town Council

    Thanks to a generous donation from Richmond Town Council we were able to get the safety steps now required at St Mary's. Full story here.



    General Choral News

    There are links to News letters from British Choirs on the Net in a page in Choir Members' Information

    Support Music Education

    Making Music, of which we are a member, has asked us to bring to your attention this petition to provide free instrumental music tuition for all children. If you think this is a cause you would like to put your name to, then please sign it. Learning to play or sing music at school is critical to the continued existence of choirs like ours as so many people remember and return to it in later life.



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