The Choral Line App.

How do I receive our ChoraLine discount when using the new App?

We have received a number of emails and calls from singers asking the above question.

How to receive your ChoraLine discount when using the new App

1. Install the new app on your Phone & Tablet using the same email address you

use when ordering from the ChoraLine website.

2. Order ‘EasyPlay’ for the music you wish to learn from the ChoraLine Website

3. Type your choir discount code (if you can’t remember this, please type APP) in the

discount code box on the Shopping Basket page and click the green arrows by the box to activate

and receive your discount.

4. After you have completed your order on the ChoraLine Website :

  • Click on the blue link in your confirmation email to use on your Laptop & PC
  • Look in the App ‘Purchased Music’ section to use on your Phone & Tablet

Any questions – please do contact me

Best wishes



Andrew Grigg
Direct Dial: 01326 567 300


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