Concert Dress

Ladies' Concert Dress

The ladies of the choir are expected to wear 

  • white (not cream), long sleeved blouse
  • long black skirt or baggy trousers (not jeans or chino style)
  • black shoes, preferably soft soled especially when concerts are in church

Ladies should also have a black cardigan or jacket with them if it is cold. We will make a decision on the day as to whether ladies will wear jackets or not. 

Jewellery should not be flamboyant.

Gents' Concert Dress

The gentlemen of the choir should wear black dinner jacket (tuxedo) and black bow tie on a white shirt. 

The possibility of changing concert dress to all black has been discussed on several occasions but the majority decision has always been to remain as we are.

Choir Folders

The choir now has new folders which have the choir name on them. They have been selected because they will take any piece of music the choir is likely to sing and they come with a convenient elastic strap on the spine to make them more secure to hold with one hand whilst singing. They also have plastic wallets in which loose leaf music, running order etc. can be stored securely, and a pencil.

Because of the 'branding' and the cost, choir members are asked to leave a £10 deposit in exchange for their folder but this is returnable at any time. The folders are being distributed by Lis Grant. Please note that choir members will be expected to use the folders for concerts so that the choir looks uniform. (We have been criticised in the press before for the lack of uniform folder and untidy, loose music)

Some members may still have the old small, plain black folders that have not now been used for about 8 years. These were fine for the old paper-backed octavo edition music but with modern editions and loose sheets overhanging them, they became inconvenient to use and looked worse than no folder at all, which is why we stopped using them. The Committee has, consequently, decided that resurrecting them is not an option. If you still have one please do not try to use it at our concerts. We will have spare new ones available.


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