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Richmondshire Choral Society

Richmondshire Choral Society, has origins going back to 1879 and in its time has sung most of the great choral works. Its name has changed several times to include or not the ’shire’ suffix and be either 'Choral' or 'Musical' and on a few occasions it has closed down for a short time due to shortage of singers during times of war and epidemic but has always bounced back. It is currently enjoying a particularly strong period thanks to a series of charismatic musical directors, even though these have only been with the choir for short periods.

We always welcome new members and information that is useful if you are interested in joining us in in the following page 'Joining Our Choir'; just click the page link below. 

If you want to know some of the useful faces to look for when you come for the first time, have a look through our Who's Who in RCS pages too.

For more information contact the Publicity Officer, Janet Hall  or phone 01325 374112

You can also follow Richmondshire Choral Society on Twitter @RichmondChoral and find us on Facebook


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Joining the Choir
All you need to know if you are interested in singing as part of our choir.