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    Our website serves several purposes:

    • It tells you about us if you would like to join us

    • It gives more general information about us

    • It tells you about our concerts upcoming and past

    • At the appropriate times, tickets will be on sale for on-line purchase
    • It has information to help our choir members 
    • It has photographs of the choir

    ​We hope you'll find what you want in it somewhere. If not, please contact us to ask.

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    Our polls are just for fun. Nothing is recorded other than the number of people who have made each choice. They will make no difference to the running of the choir!


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  • Choir Notices

    Next term - Open Rehearsal Start

    See details of our Open Rehearsal to start the term on 13 January. Regular rehearsals start Monday 15 January.

    Thinking of Joining us?

    If you have just found out about Richmondshire Choral Society or have been doing something else previously, but would now like to sing with us, come and join us. Read more about joining the choir, and come to our rehearsals next term which will start on 15 January after the Open Rehearsal morning on 13 January.

    Details of music are in the Choir Members section of the website.  

    SpringTerm Music

    We will have details of the Spring term music here.

    Cancelled Rehearsals

    If bad weather or anything else, causes a cancellation of choir practice it will be posted here and on Facebook by 6.00pm. If that is a risk, please check here before setting out. 

    If you know someone in the choir who is either not online at all or is not very computer confident, please can you offer to be their 'Telephone Buddy' and confirm that they know of cancelled rehearsals.

    If you are worried about the weather conditions, don't worry about missing choir. However an email or Facebook message to say you won't be there will assure us that you are OK.

    Concert Trip

    See details of the trip to hear Roderick Williams at Ripon Cathedral on 12 February 2018. A couple of spaces still available on the 6.30 coach from Richmond School.




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