Next Concert

Saturday, 21 April at 7.30pm

Sadly, this will be Edward Seymour's last concert with the choir. We are sorry to lose him and hope that this performance will be a rousing triumph of his time with us.

St Mary's church, Richmond, DL10 4JX


Haydn - Missa in Agustiis (Nelson Mass)

Parry -

I was  glad
Hear my words ye people
Blest pair of sirens

Conductor - Edward Seymour

Organ - Andrew Christer

Louise Wayman (soprano)
Charlotte Diamond (alto)
Tom Smith (tenor)
Alex Jones (bass)

Tickets £10, under 19s can come free and no ticket is needed.

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If you attend our concerts you can't fail to notice our impressive staging which looks permanent but is actually totally collapsible. It is stored by local removals company Dowse of Richmond Ltd who deliver it for our concerts and remove it afterwards. We would like to thank them here for that service to us.

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