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Our Come and Sing Day on 16 September when we tackled Vivaldi's famous setting of the Gloria was intended as a 'no pressure' day when choir members and others who wanted to come and sing could rehearse and give an informal performance of this glorious work.

That did not mean that Edward Seymour was any less picky than he usually is! 'GLoria' he insisted right from the start, with a big 'G'. However the day was enlived by some interesting information, observations and anecdotes about the work and Edward's singing career (He'll never make a soprano though has a pretty good stab at it)

We had a fair number of visitors and a few choir members who are not able to join us on Mondays this term. One of Edward's 'A' level former students, about to embark on a degree course in music at Durham, sang the mezzo solos and all the sopranos and altos had a surprisingly good stab singing Laudamus Te from sight as we hadn't rehearsed it but put it into the 'performance'.

As always, Andrew Christer provided a magnificent accompamiment on the piano for rehearsing and the church organ for the performance which added to the finished sound.

Several people who had not sung the Vivaldi Gloria before said how much they liked the work.It is a Baroque classic and it is hard to realise that since Vivaldi's day it was unknown until 1939. Richmondshire Choral Society last sang it in December 2011 with Flur Wyn and Anna Huntley as soloists - two singers both making great names for themselves now.


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