Second rehearsal 17 Sept

Dear All

As promised, a few notes from last night

Toward the Unknown Region – Overall – we made further good progress on this quite challenging piece. There are a lot of notes to learn for this concert, hence my attempts to work quickly. Once we have the notes under our belts, hopefully rehearsals will be less hectic as we concentrate more on shape and interpretation. I know you understand this and your tolerance and willingness to work hard and quickly are much appreciated. So hopefully what follows will be helpful to you in consolidating what we covered last night.

P.4 – remember to enunciate the “m” and the “p” of “map”.

Letter C – music moves forward slightly, so a bit more fluid, basses, and a firm cantabile sound.

P.6 – all parts – could you please write in a diminuendo in bar 2 – and we will take time over “nor lips” and “nor Eyes”.

Letter D – 3rd bar – give the “L” of “Lord” pitch and just a gentle push at the beginning of the note.

P.7 – sopranos and altos – just float your notes gently as you accompany the men.

P.8 – Rich second basses – volume doubles from pp to p in the second phrase.

Letter F – “pochettino animando” we need to start to move forward as the music begins to gather momentum. Try to portray your enjoyment of your “all is a blank*  and “I know it not” phrases.

Letter G – could I ask you to watch really carefully here as the tempo changes in each bar:- 1st bar of G – getting slower, 2nd bar of G – getting quicker, 3rd bar of G – getting slower, and 4th bar of G – getting quicker!!

One bar before letter K – BRAVO TO SOPRANOS for your crescendo to the high G!

2nd bar Page 12 – this is a swine to pitch – in first and second bars it might help sopranos and contraltos if you use the the note in the basses and tenors before your entry and enter a semitone below it. Remember your second note is a tone below your first one.

Letter O – slow and really loud in first bar, then immediately quicker in 2nd bar of O (a tempo).

Letter P – changes to 2 minim beats to the bar to improve flow as speed gradually increases.

3rd bar P19 – suggest contraltos treat G sharp as an a flat to make pitching the E flat in the next bar easier. Sopranos - we will do some work on pitching this passage.


Again – well done! – we are on the last lap of the note learning process for this piece.

See you next week

Best regards,


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