First rehearsal 10 September

Dear All

Bravo to you all on a most promising first rehearsal – I realise that Toward the Unknown Region is new to many of you, and would suggest that you try to immerse yourselves in this music, via Youtube etc, which will help in increasing confidence as you adjust to Vaughan Williams’ musical vocabulary. Basically we have nearly broken the back of this atmospheric but difficult first section – it’s comparatively downhill from now on as we get further into the piece.


I offer below some notes which will help to consolidate the work we did. Will send some notes on Dona Nobis Pacem after next Monday.

2nd bar of Letter A – mark in a breath after “soul”. Then sing through without breath or break in the sound to the end of “region” and sound the “nnn”!

6th bar of Letter A – exaggerate round mouth shape on “ground”.

2 bars before B – second syllable of “follow” – lighter please.

5 bars before C – note only 2 beats in this bar.

4 bars before C - clear enunciation of “m” and “p” in “map”.

2 bars before c – really legato – continuous stream of sound.

Letter C – basses watch – tempo becomes more fluid here.

2nd bar of C – contraltos enter after 3rd beat – worth marking.

5th bar of C – sopranos enter after 3rd beat – again worth marking.

8th bar of C – careful, contraltos – this entry is after second beat unlike earlier.

Last bar page 5 – basses marked mf on last note of page – increase to forte as this needs to be rich.

3 bars before D – all sections need to watch here as we will take more time over “nor Lips”

2nd bar of D – tiny accent at beginning of “land”

Well done again – see you Saturday or Monday – ideally both!

Best regards,


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