24 Sept

Toward the unknown region

2nd bar of Letter O – basses remember that this starts ff (as instructed at Letter O)

5th bar of letter O – soprano mf entry needs to be more assertive and committed.

Last bar, P.17 – Basses – please change mf to f.

Letter P – contraltos need to be big here.

p.19, bottom system – tenors watch semitones (A to G sharp to G natural on “we burst forth).

P.20 – sopranos, similarly – watch semitones (F flat to E flat to D natural and back to E flat.)

P.20 – bottom system – sopranos need to start “O soul” forte (but espressivo).

P.21 – note poco animando instruction in 3rd bar – music needs to pick up a bit more speed here – and it is progressive through to Letter R – sempre animando = still getting quicker.

P.23 – these entries (“equal, equipt, equipt at last”): -

 - basses 2 bars before Letter S

- tenors 1 bar before Letter S

- sopranos at Letter S

- basses at 2nd bar of Letter S

- contraltos at 3rd bar of Letter S

All need to be clearly heard and emphatically sung to generate excitement.

P.23 – last bar – contraltos please note ff instruction on last note of page.

P.24 – second bar – VITAL that we hear tenors here!

P.25 – All parts count carefully from Letter T – 2 beats per bar. Then in on second beat of third bar of Letter T.

4th bar of Letter T – now four crotchet beats to the bar (but same pulse as for the minims in the first three bars of Letter T. Ch sound on “joy”, all parts. Tenors and basses sing right through the long notes here – big breath before “O fruit of all.”

P.26 - bottom system – 3rd bar not too loud 3 bars before Letter V. And note quicker four beats to the bar from 5 bars before Letter V.

P.27 – we need to hear the crescendo second half of first bar, and again in second half of fifth bar. Also, in second system, for all parts - the way the bars are printed is extremely misleading:-

2 bars before letter W – still quick four beats in this bar, and SECOND SYLLABLE OF “FULFIL” IS ONLY TWO AND A HALF BEATS! Then one bar before W – SLOW FOUR beats – and enter on second beat of this bar with MASSIVE crescendo.

Letter W – Now TWO beats to the bar and note final crescendo to the end of “Soul”!


Hope you all feel that this is beginning to take shape – thank you again for another concentrated but enthusiastic rehearsal! Onwards and upwards into Dona Nobis Pacem!! See you next week


Best regards,


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