1 October

Dear choir member,

Here are this week’s rehearsal notes forwarded from Peter:

Rehearsal notes from 01.10.18

Dona nobis Pacem – movement 1

P.1 – last two bars – clean, focussed sound from basses.

P.2 figure 1 – Good solid entry from all parts on second beat of first bar, then dramatic diminuendo to p on second beat of second bar – sing to bar line here.

P.2 – 4th bar of figure 1 – reduce minim tom a dotted crotchet and breathe in the resulting quaver rest, in time for a massive ff entry. Start to diminuendo halfway through second best of 5th bar of figure 1 to p on second syllable of “Do-na” – take a quaver out of dotted minim in the last bar of this page, so you can breathe before the ff in seventh bar of figure 1.

10th bar of figure 1 – second basses need to move together and sing mp rather than the pp marked.

8th bar before figure 2 – thicker sound from contraltos and swell to second beat of bar as marked.

2nd bar of figure 2 – WATCH DYNAMICS – ff means FF, then very quick diminuendo on first beat of 3rd bar of figure 2.  Big crescendo on second and third beats of this bar. (NB – NO BREATH here!)


Movement 3 – Reconciliation.

Figure 11 – remember mp for sopranos, pp for all other parts.

3rd bar of figure 11 – contraltos, tenors and basses breathe before and after “beautiful as the sky” so that you can sing “that war and carnage must in time be utterly lost” in one breath! Remember NO “CARNAYGE”!!

As mentioned could I ask you to press gently at the beginning of “war” so that the darker harmony here is apparent.

8th bar of figure 11 – critical that contraltos, tenors and basses are absolutely ppp here.


Well done to everyone – you succeeded in producing an excellent well-balanced sound on Monday despite the numerical imbalance between sections - not an easy thing to achieve and I am most grateful for your continued efforts.

Next week - movement 2 of Dona Nobis Pacem and we will dip into the Morton Lauridsen as an introduction.

Thanks again and best regards,


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