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Concert Trip - 20 October 2017

There was sufficient interest shown in this trip that I have booked 16 front nave seats (the number of seats in the minibus) for The Sixteen's Choral Pilgrimage concert on Friday 20 October in Durham Cathedral. The package of ticket plus minicoach from Richmond will be £35. Any surplus will be paid to choir funds. This option has the advantage that we get dropped off at the Cathedral door and don't have to worry about parking charges.

Please note the price of £35 needs at least 12 people in the coach. Once that many have booked the ticket/coach package it may be possible to consider selling the remaining tickets separately for those who wish to get there under their own steam.

Details of the concert are on The Sixteen's webpage

If you would like to be on the list for this concert please email me It is not restricted to choir members, just the first 15 people who put their names on the list - but the choir is getting first chance.