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Details of December 2017 Music

The music for our 2017 Autumn rehearsals and December concert on 16 December will be as follows:

For the Bach and Schubert we shall use the Novello editions; as Novello have yet to publish the Harrison (one can hope), we shall be using our own printed copies as in December 2015. We shall also sing a small number of carols (still to be decided) for which 100 Carols for Choir will be necessary. Hire costs for the Bach, the Schubert and 100 Carols for Choirs are likely to be £2 per copy, and 50p per copy for Jubilate Natale.

For those of you who wish to buy all or some of the music, the costs will be £5 for the Schubert, £8 for the Bach and £1 for the Jubilate Natale. As usual, if more than 10 people want to buy the first two items then we get a 10% discount from Musicroom.com.  If anyone who does not already have one wants their own copy of 100 Carols for Choirs, I will be able to buy a new one for £18.50 and a used one for around £15.

Submit your order via this website form or ring Mark Harrison on 01748-821433.