Health and safety improvement

When the choir stands in rehearsals those singers towards the back lose sight of the conductor as the floor in the church is flat. Frequently our young and agile MD countered this by finding a chair and standing on it thus giving himself very little area on which to do his dance impressions and risking the chair overbalancing. It has to be said that every time he did it choir members expressed concern - especially committee members who would have had to have picked up the pieces in all respects.

They decided that we needed to buy a proper rostrum and Edward was given the opportunity state his preference. He found several but did not feel that he could ask the committee to spend the sums that many required so a member of the committee took on the responsibility of finding the best option.

The decision was overwhelmingly in favour of one to match our staging made by Felix Design of Tiverton, Devon. It works on the same system of 4 uprights fitted together with cross-halving joints with a sturdy carpeted 'lid' fitting over the top. Optional extras are carpeted plinths to hide the subframe and a step unit. Having put in the order the finshed product arrived within a week and once assembled provided a sizeable area and very stable platform from which to conduct in addition to looking good.

For its first outing the whole unit was in place with plinths an step but the plan is to add these extras only for concerts as storage in the church can be a problem. The uprights fit neatly insde the lid which can be stored against a wall behind our piano taking up a very small footprint.

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