Spring 2017

We are singing Handel's Messiah on Saturday 13 May in St Mary's Church, Richmond with a small orchestra and continuo provided by Andrew.

Many of you will probably sung Messiah and be familiar with the notes though, like Peter and Kathryn before him, Edward will undoubtedly have his own interpretation of the music so we still need to rehearse as if it was new to us.

There will be those for whom this is the first time they have sung Messiah or who have previously missed some choruses so as usual we have sourced some sites where you can go through the note learning in your own time and at your own pace.

All these links (except Choraline) are to the Messiah parts of the various sites :

Cyberbass the best known and probably most extensive of the 'free' note learning sites. You can hear you own part or tutti, you can pause it or slow it down. There is an organ for the instrumental only sections and the voices are picked out on 'piano' with your part standing out loudly against the others to help learning cues etc.

Choraline - if you want to buy a CD or download produced by a UK company, this is probably the best. They supply a lot of other things choirs and choral singers want as well.

Choralia - this website is rather amateurishly designed but possibly quite helpful. You should use the MP3 files and although electronically generated, the sound reproduces the vowel sounds of the words.

Learnchoralmusic - put together by an amateur choral singer and the various files need to be downloaded and opened in your media player which he doesn't guarantee will happen but offers helpful suggestions if it doesn't.



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