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A useful feature of these sites is that you can adjust the speed which is especially useful when learning long runs.

Spring Term 2018

Haydn - Nelson Mass

Choralia - - the sung parts sound like the vowel sounds of the words which helps
NB Only use the Start arrow on the recording time bar. Don't be tempted by the big Start Now buttons as these are just adverts for things you don't want.

Cyberbass - the best known of these sites

Learnchoralmusic - downloads and then you have to open up and play. Look at the bottom of your screen if you think it hasn't worked.

To buy

CDs and downloads for rehearsal available from ChoraLine



Not a lot of free help around for the Parry works. These were all I could find:

I was Glad


Blest pair of Sirens


Hear my words, ye people

Sorry, not available on a learning site. Plenty of recordings on YourTube, though none where the score shows as it's sung.


Surely you don't need a learning site for this.......

Parry Learning CDs or Downloads to buy

All but Jerusalem are available from ChoraLine though you'll need 2 CDs.




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