Start of Term - January 2018

Dear all,

Many thanks for your hard work at both the Workshop on saturday and our first formal rehearsal on Monday

What we did:


  •  pp 57. plenty of crescendo in opening two phrases. continue the diminuendo throughout the long 'tis'
  •  bar 7 and 8 quaver off 'tis'
  •  pp58 bar 12. watch for a little slow down
  •  bar 14-15 much crescendo
  •  bar 19 much more bass required (big breath)
  • 21 sopranos really prepare in  advance for you top G

More work on Osanna next time


  •  Much 'K' every time
  •  slightly detached 'eleison' - bar 23,25
  •  slowing down at bar 27
  •  bar 54 onwards - well done on this! Keep every entry strong and light on the 'eleison'
  •  bar 73,75,77quaver out of 'son' 
  •  bar 143 ignore small notes

Qui Tollis (Gloria)

  • always aiming to the 'no' of nobis
  • bar 141 careful of the tuning in this bar - Altos keep the G bright

Next week I hope to be with you for the latter part of the rehearsal. Mark will rehearse you through till the break


First movement of the Gloria

Recap of the Kyrie

Chorus part of the Benedictus



Note bash through I was Glad


Please ensure you are sitting in divided parts (i.e. all 1st sops together, all 2nd sops together etc.)


With the very best of wishes,


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