Messiah - 30 Jan 2017

What a fantastic rehearsal on Monday. Thank you. I really did feel the there was a greater solidity to the sound. Our chest voices were well engaged on the whole and we need to keep engaging them!

What we worked on...

And he shall purify

Breathe in on the Vowel shape of And and allow the bright vowel to be heard

'He' and 'Purify' are the words to aim for. 

A slight emphasis on the 1st of every 8 notes in the runs. 

pp 37, letter B. Big noise. It's the first time we're all together. ATB likewise at b26/27 , 29/30, 32/33 plus S at 34/35

Top of pp 40. Aim to 'Levi' and big noise through to the end 


His Yoke is Easy

Chest voice!

Daylight please between dotted semiqauver and demisemiquaver

ATB well together  at b 11

Broad  form b38-40


Surely he hath borne our griefs

No extra 'r' in Surely

- No breath from last two notes of b.6 through to end of bar 8. 

- Quaver off on Sorrows

Last two points the same for bars 9-11

Quaver off 'Transgressions' in b.15

Snatch breath (if needed) after 'bruised' in b.17

Marked notes  on 'The Chastisement'' 

Loud through to the end


All we Like Sheep

All. Quaver off 'we' and 'like' at all points

'Sheep' full length   at all points

Phrase off  (diminuendo) at the end of 'astray' phrases

Lots of Slow   practice on runs please.

Focussed octave leaps on all 'turnéd' please


Oh thou that tellest

More on this next week. 

Basses please be wary of your notes on 'Arise' they are in pairs and the lower note is different in each pair

eg b114-15 is E up to A whereas... 

b 115-116 is D up to A


Next week

  • He Trusted in God
  • Let all the Angels
  • Their Sound is gone out
  • Let us break their bonds


Can't wait!

Best wishes,


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