From 22 Jan 2018, for 29 Jan rehearsal

Dear all,

I hope this finds you well and enjoying the reprieve from the biting cold!

Many thanks again to Mark for stepping in on Monday.

What was done:


String in each lead

Remember to shade off on 'venit'

Clarity of text is imperative. Exaggerated text particularly at 72-76, this will help bring the rhythm to life!

b77 molto legato for some contrast

Mark had great to things to say about the Kyrie - Wonderful!


b 12 quaver off 'sis'

Big fz from b 33 - 36 and 42 - 44

Stagger breathing from b 45 to 50

b 75 quaver off 'su'

Please listen closely to the rest of the Gloria and the Dona Nobis



Please have a thorough listen to Hear My Words Ye People. The Semi Chorus will be sung by the solo quartet

Please study Blest Pair of Sirens from  page 41 to the end


Thank you. See you Monday


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