Edward's Notes - 15 March 2018

Dear All,

Many thanks for another excellent rehearsal. It did throw up one or two areas requiring a little more focus:


Et incarnates est - MUCH dictation to allow the rhythm to permeate the soft dynamic!

Et Resurrexit - please do some listening and singing to this movement (never will the shower be so musically adorned!)! Please give some special attention to the staggered entires at letter K onwards (pp53)

Agnus Dei

Please have a thorough look through the Dona Nobis


Wonderful work on Blest Pair of Sirens

pp 44 breaths after ‘song’ and repeated ‘heaven’ and ‘long’ 

All voices sing the leads at letter G onwards  pp45. Divide when required to do so.

Much singing along with this also.

For next week

Haydn - Dona Nobis

Run Credo through to the end of the Haydn

Run all Parry with polishing!

Lots of revision, listening and singing please.


With much gratitude!



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