6 February 2016

Thank you for another wonderful rehearsal on Monday. Please do keep remembering the sound when engaging the chest voice; sopranos in particular, it sounds glorious!

What we rehearsed

He Trusted in God

The opening idea that you all sing at one point or more end with 'if he delight in him' The 'light' should be cut to a quaver. However, it should only happen at this point.

Do please look at the staggered entires at b18-21, b32-41, b44-50. Being absolutely sure of your notes is very important here so as to ensure a tight rhythms and no slowing in tempo.

Basses, careful of octave or large leaps at b24,50, 52. Don't lose time here please.

T+B snatch breath at b50 after 'him' 

Let all the Angels

First four bars in one breath please.

Clear 'T' and articularlted 'A' of 'Let all'

Sopranos and Tenors huge breaths needed or your top As. make it so!

Their Sound is gone out

Sop. please make your first note a quaver.

SATB light 'their' big 'S' on 'Sound'

SATB crescendo through 'out'

All parts crescendo when you have an ascending line on 'and their words unto...'


We revisited...

All we like Sheep

Please remember where the  K of 'like' goes

Legato on 'astray'

Please revise the runs

O thou that tellest

Light quaver upbeat on 'O'

Basses be careful of your different intervals on arise

b.114/115 and b115/116

Crescendo through top of pp47

Suddenly quiet at b133

Quick crescendo at b136

For next week...

  • Their sound is gone out
  • Let us break their bonds
  • For unto us
  • And he shall purify


Many thanks and best wishes,


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