27 February 2017

Thank you for another good rehearsal. Sopranos, I hope you'll forgive me if it appeared I was playing the miserable bugger card your way. I know you had a lot missing. However, I know the quality you can deliver and I hope that you'll find the confidence to deliver it no matter how depleted your numbers are!

What we did

Behold the lamb of God

Sop: crescendo through minim at end of pp 91

All: down to mp at b18

      up to  mf at b 22

      Crescendo through to end


All: go through b7-8

      quaver off 'sorROWS' in b 8 and 11

All: broader and legato though 12 - 19

      big crescendo through b 18

All: Detached on 'the chastisement'

Strong through to the end

And with his stripes

All: Well marked on 'And with his stripes'

      Legato on  'we are healed'


All we like sheep

Practice your runs please!!!

Slowly, a bar (or baaa! Ha!) at a time. Then add another bar in, and another. Slower speed up the exercise.

b76 'And the Lord'...

aim for the upper note

Let all the Angels

Huge breaths required

i'd like good definition to the semiquavers in the runs on 'angels' 

Their Sound is gone out

Crescendo on 'out'

Sop: careful of E flats at b16-17

S,A,T: b 23, quaver off 'world' bold on 'Their sound...'

All: b 29 (Bass b30) quaver off 'World'

S,A: well defined semiquavers at b 36

Let us break...

Revise runs please

Gosh what a busy, action packed rehearsal that was.

Next week recap on: 

Let us break

All we like sheep

His yoke is easy


But thanks be to God

Many thanks for all your hard work!

Best wishes,



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