13 March Rehearsal Notes

What we did:

Since By Man Came Death

S and A this goes flat. Please brighter the vowels and sing higher!
SATB glottal on 'As'  in 'For as in Adam' but still keep the line legato
Bar 29 SAT please go through 'Christ shall'

But Thanks

Clear 't' on every 'But'
Well articulated semiquavers on 'giveth'
Tenors b 35 dotted 'victory' 

Worthy is the Lamb

Big 'W'
Crisp text on 'to receive power'
Crescendo through b9-11 likewise at b21-23

Blessing and Honour

In this faster fugal movement we must have very crisp and precise text as this will help the rhythm from becoming blurred

Cut from b 39-53

Next week...

The same numbers as last week. with the Hallelujah chorus and Final Amen 


Many thanks for all your hard work!

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