December 2017

Church Access on 16 December

Staging team please be at St Mary's at 10.00am. 

The staging will be partly assembled following some experimental layout work the previous evening.  

General Choir and Orchestra access

The church doors will be unlocked for choir and orchestra at 13.15. Please be there by 13.40 at the latest.

Choir leave between 16.00 and 16.30.

Doors locked at 17.00.

Doors reopen at 18.15.

Choir file in to place at 19.20.

Concert Dress

The details of Concert Dress are here. Ladies PLEASE bring a black jacket or cardigan in case it is cold. If it is we will all wear jackets. If it isn't we all just have our white blouses on display.

Please put your music in an official choir folder. The deposit is what it will cost us to replace yours if it is never returned and will happily be refunded any time you do not wish to keep your folder.

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